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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by AllenM, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. AllenM

    AllenM New Member

    Hi new guy here,

    I picked up a Springfield Linkless 1911 in 10mm last week.
    Sitting down now and getting ready to work up some loads.
    New cartridge to me but am excited about getting a 10mm.
    Gonna start with 9.2grs of Hogdon Longshot behind a 180gr bullet and go from there.

    Anybody have a pet load in the medium to heavy range?

    BILLYBOB44 Active Member

    Al, I haven't loaded for the 10MM, but have had good luck with Hodgdon HS-6 and Alliant Power Pistol, in 40 S&W 180gr. loads. You might look at the data list on those two??:)

  3. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    Not sure what medium and heavy range is? I shoot 175, and now 180gr cast lead w/ W231 as my powder. For JSP/ JHP 180gr I like Unique. Hodgdon/IMR/Winchester make a great line of powders. But, once and a while, something else works better.
    Edit: What works in a .40S&W is a different animal.
  4. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    i use IMR SR4756 for my 155gr loads and Alliant Unique and Bullseye on most 180gr loads.

    I tried different heavy loads with Power Pistol and Blue Dot, but I wont ever use Blue Dot again after their bad batch 2 years ago destroyed a Blackhawk in 41mag, with me holding on to it.
  5. MotorG20

    MotorG20 New Member

    I've just started loading for the 10mm in my Glock 20. I used 9.0grs. of HS-6 with 180gr. JHP Montana Gold bullets in Starline Brass with Win. primers, and it was pretty accurate. I just made up some loads using the same bullet with 800-X powder. I don't know when the range will thaw enough to get out and try them:(. I hear you can get better velocity with less pressure using the 800-X powder. Of course, always use the powder charge that the manual shows or anyone can get into trouble with any powder.
    Good luck.

  6. AllenM

    AllenM New Member

    I went ahead and loaded up 100 rounds with 9.2 grs Longshot, under a 180.
    I am wanting to be in the 1200 fps range with that bullet.
    I am sure I will work up lite loads down the road just for the fun of shooting.
    But this is my first 10mm and I want to wring it out a little without getting to hot on my loads.
    I have read good reviews with Longshot in 10mm and since it is a powder I am familiar with (and have on hand) weather permitting I will try my loads out weds.

    The gun came with some reloaded ammo, same bullets but with AA#7 I will compare to.
    I got the gun and ammo from a friend and have shot his loads before so no concerns there.

    When I traded for the gun the previous owner gave me all his 10mm components as well.
    About 2500 pieces of brass and close to 4000 bullets.
    So I should have a chance to try out some different powders this summer.
  7. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    For everyday use I load 5.0 gr of W-231 and my own cast 175 gr TC bullet.
    For longer range I cast the 175 TC really hard and push it to 1200 fps w/Blue Dot.
    A 180 gr Gold Dot going 1250fps with a max charge of Blue Dot is about as reliable a stopper as you will find in an auto pistol. I would bot routinely use this load in aby gun w/o a good recoil management system.
    I use the Sprinco recoil reducer in my 1006 Smith. It has a second captive spring (similar to the HK System). It really buffers the slide movement. The only drawback is the subsonic loads will not lock the slide open after the last shot.
  8. gandog56

    gandog56 Member

    Well, first off I use Precision Bullets Moly coats. For not much more (if any) cost of cast bullets I get no barrel leading. Plus their listed prices include the shipping. My favorite is their 185 grain RFN. I put a charge of 10 grains of Accurate # 7. I don't have any pictures of targets I shot with my 10mm, but here's one using the same bullet in a .40 S&W.

  9. AllenM

    AllenM New Member

    I took it to the range the other day with 108's on top of Longshot and #7 loads. The #7 were more accurate. I think I am going to follow up with the #7 a little more.
    Thanks for the tip on the bullets. I will look into in. Although I have about 3000 of the 180's I have now