$100 prize for best game receipe

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Davyboy, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    A good friend of mine is setting up a game only restaurant in London and is looking for new and unique receipes. He has trauled the internet as have I and several other friends. We are looking for your own personal slant on things. I will let it run for one week and at the end pm the winner and post the cheque or cash as the winner chooses.
  2. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    We're talking wild game??

    Plenty of Pheasant, Venison, quail recipes out there....

    How about.....

    American Bison Tenderloin

    1 8-10 ounce Bison Tenderloin Fillet


    1 ounce of quality Cabernet Savignon (one you would drink, not clean the sink drain with)
    1 dash ground cumin
    1 dash cayenne pepper
    1 dash fresh ground black pepper
    3 fresh white sage leaves, finely diced

    Mix well and marinate submerged for 10 minutes

    Remove from the marinade and season with sea salt and fresh coarsely ground black pepper
    Grill over high heat (Preferably Mesquite wood or charcoal) no more than 2 minutes on each side, finish in a 400 deg. F oven.

    In a small pan, add 6 oz of Cabernet, 1 teaspoon Balsamic vinegar and 1 teaspoon of fresh whole rosemary leaves. Reduce to 1/3 and strain.

    Serve on a bed of Wild Rice. Along side place 1/2 cup of sautéed fresh Porcini mushrooms. Pour the reduction about the plate adding a small amount over the fillet. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary as a garnish.

    PM me for my mailing address....:D
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  3. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Good start Dune Thank You
  4. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I don't eat meat anymore, but dove breast grilled with enclosed jalepeno pepper (not pickled) is a favorite around here, nothing complicated.
  5. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Thank you. That is a new variation of a popular receipe.
  6. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    What the heLL is your problem?
  7. Benning Boy

    Benning Boy New Member

    Other than whatever we percieve, what game is up for grabs over there?
  8. saviorslegacy

    saviorslegacy New Member

    I think it might be the pot.... not sure though.
  9. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Any game any country its up to you guys
  10. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Will be closing thread tonight winner will be sent cash. So jump in boys.
  11. jca1

    jca1 New Member

    venison nuggets

    Slice venison back strap into 1/2" slices.

    Soak slices in vinegar water (1part vinegar 5 parts water) for 12 hours.

    Drain and squeeze like a dish rag

    Soak again in salt water only for 3-4 hours

    Drain and squeeze and dry.

    Cut each slice in half

    In a pan that will hold all the meat do the following:

    sprinkle the bottom of the pan with salt/ pepper/garlic

    cover the pan bottom with meat
    and repeat until all the meat is in the pan.

    In a pot on the stove:

    1 cup water
    1 cup vinegar
    1/4 cup ketchup
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    sprinkle red pepper
    boil and stir
    ( increase as needed for amount of meat)
    pour over meat and put in fridge/cooler for 3-4 hours.

    Grill meat until done.
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  12. freefall

    freefall New Member

    Oven Quail or Pheasant

    10 quail breasts or 5 pheasant breasts halved
    10 slices bacon
    3oz chipped beef
    2cans cream of chicken soup
    1 pt sour cream
    1 8oz pkg cream cheese

    Cut chipped beef into small pieces (mrs freefall uses scissors), place in bottom of lightly oiled 9x13 inch pan. Wrap breasts or halves in slice of bacon. Place on dired beef. Mix other stuff together and pour over meat. Bake 2 hrs covered and 1 hr uncovered at 300*F. Serve over rice cooked in chicken bouillon. This also works with chicken or spruce grouse breasts, I'm sure it'll work with the grouse you have over there too. So good it makes your teeth hurt.
  13. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    I always go back to the old standard Velveeta and Rotel tomatoes in the Crockpot on game day. Always a favorite.
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  14. suprdave

    suprdave New Member

    Grilled Duck

    -Slice duck breasts into strips about 3/4'' wide
    -Tenderize strips until flat
    -Soak in Italian dressing for 3 hours
    -Lay strips flat, put a dollop of cream cheese and a slice of jalepeno onto the strip, roll the strip up and wrap with bacon, hold closed with a toothpick
    -Sprinkle cajun seasoning over rolls
    -Throw on a grill on low heat
    -Remove when bacon is done.

    Warning! This is addictive. Once people taste this, they will stop at nothing to get more! I once had an "animal lover" tell me to kill the sh!t out of some ducks so I could cook more of this! You have all been warned!
  15. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Hi Dune

    PM me with your address and I will send the cash. As chosen by my friend.,
  16. CourtJester

    CourtJester Well-Known Member

    Drunken Deer made by a drunken cook

    Never measured any of it but....

    On Monday
    Great big bowl with a lid
    Throw in a bunch of frozen deer steaks (about 6 pounds or so)
    Cut up five onions
    Cut up a bag of carrets
    Cut up three apples
    Cut up eight jalopino peppers
    Dump in two cans of corn
    Chuck in a hand full of brown sugar
    A huge pinch of salt
    A hand full of pepper
    Add whatever other spices you would like
    Fill it to the top of the remainder of the boil with high quality rum (So it wont freeze)
    Put in freezer

    The next Monday
    Remover and put in the fridg
    Drink some of the rum to make room for the next stap later in the week or drain some and store it in a jar in the freezer so it wont go bad after holding the meat. (drink a lot of the rum because you'll want a lot of taters)

    Friday evening
    Cut up enough potatoes to top the rum to the top of the bowl

    Saturday afternoon
    Drain the rum. Wouldn't drink too much of it after holding bloody meat
    Throw the meat in the smoker or on the grill with low heat
    Wrap the vegies in foil and throw on the grill

    If you do it right, you wont remember how great the teast is
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  17. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    My Friend has chosen this one.

    Thanks to all who took part
  18. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    How did I miss this post?!

    The winning recipie is much like we had for supper last night. I made a great
    dutch-oven roasted Elk back-strap with potatos,onions & carrots seasoned
    with garlic, sage, black pepper, beef gravy & a hint of chili pepper. I browned
    the meat in the dutch-oven with sausage grease before adding everything
    with a bay leaf & cooking it for 2 hrs @ 375 degrees F. After the first hour
    add a cup of hot water & place the meat above the potatos to prevent "dry-
    out"! Before serving toast several slices of buttered french bread to give the
    dish a great sidekick! YUM!:)
  19. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Davy!! Just got back in town and connected to the forum again! I've PMed you with instructions on where to send the $100!! :D
  20. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    I think it is only right the guys know that Dune donated it to the forum.