10 New Gun Bills Introduced to Congress on Thursday

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Rarity, Jan 5, 2013.

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    This means you all should be contacting your representatives. Don't forget to donate to your favorite pro gun organization and to also join the NRA as a political force.

    Added note: If you've been wondering why a few states have been trying to enact strict gun laws in the last week or so, this has a lot to do with the "indoor politics". Diane Feinstein being one of the leaders. President Obama has been quiet, but that's the tactic.

    Don't let it fool you, they have been contacting every representative to join along with them.
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  2. chloeshooter

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    what we need to hope for is that the Supreme Court does not have to get involved at some point - I don't trust the group that is in there with respect to 2A

    I expect these bills will die before they gain any ground - what I do expect out of "committe" though is more extensive background checks, and limited magazine size. most polling shows that gunowners are fine with with increased background checks - but don't restrict firearms and accessories that we can get today. that's what they are after in Illinois - the differenc is, they are introducing such ridiculous over-reach [email protected]#t such as outlawing pump shotguns, so that the pro 2A legislators feel like they really won a great victory when they give away 30 round magazines and the color "black" lol.

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    What needs to be done is that the NRA and the people need to target the sponsors of these bill and put them on the unemployment line! :cool:

    Spend whatever it takes, use whatever tactic it takes ... but these vermin need to be removed from office ... post haste!!! :mad:
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    Good thing there is a bill to get rid of GFSZ's, those things have sadly led to the death of many