10 mm or 9mm

Discussion in 'M&P Forum' started by CaseySullivan, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. PaBushMan

    PaBushMan Well-Known Member

    Well said JTJ. Im at the point where i buy a gun because i want it. I always had what i needed for hunting the last 42 years. And for self defense the last 30 plus.
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  2. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    I have had what I needed (I thought) for hunting whatever I wanted since I was 14.
    What I needed for SD since I bought my 1st Colt Commander when I was 23.
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  3. schnuffleupagus

    schnuffleupagus Well-Known Member

    Its cool. The G20 is strong enough.
    My brother has a Delta Elite from the late 80's and it does shoot nicer.
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  4. MstrMsn

    MstrMsn New Member

    I have the G20 and absolutely love it, but I have a medium build and it's not easy to conceal, so I don't.

    I also have a few 9mms that I enjoy, but only 2 that I prefer to carry.

    Personally, if possible, get both. If not, figure out which would be the most practical and get that, then get the other... also, try other calibers you haven't thought of yet.
  5. Maineiak

    Maineiak Active Member

    9MM for the Hoods, and 10MM for the woods! :)
  6. microadventure

    microadventure Well-Known Member

    • 9mm because some people are smaller and handle the recoil better
    • 9mm because most police departments carry 9 mm and government bodies in other regulatory areas go with the flow
    • 9mm because it's easier to justify in court for the reason stated above
    • 10mm because if it's a justifiable shooting it needs to be a justifiable homicide situation, and it's safer to turn your back on a dead deserving ******* than it is to turn your back on a wounded deserving *******.
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  7. harkersislandnc

    harkersislandnc Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you want a Fotay---middle ground between the two.
  8. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member Supporter

    I HATE 40.

    Especially as RSO at the largest PPC shoot in the country.
  9. Mercator

    Mercator Well-Known Member

    Absolutely 9mm beats 10mm for any practical purpose, except maybe for bear or bowling pins.
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  10. PeeJay1313

    PeeJay1313 Well-Known Member Supporter

    If I had to guess, your somewhat new to firearms. I assume your looking into carrying this. I would say you would be better off with a 9mm. If your going to carry you need to practice. And ammo can add up real quick. I would rather see a carry person at the range practicing with there carry instead of there piece always on there hip because they can't swing the price of ammo to practice.. 9mm has great defensive rounds. They will do the job there intended to do if there placed properly.. To properly place a round, one must practice... Often that is..
  11. Les Moore

    Les Moore Well-Known Member

    Median 9mm projectile weight: 115-124 grains
    Median 10mm projectile weight: 180 grains

    Ammo cost, per box, considerably higher with 10mm.
    Ammo capacity, per mag, about half, with 10mm.

    At approximately the same MV of 9mm , the performance of 10mm, with it's
    substantially heavier projectiles, is impressive. One major takeaway is 10mm
    is one of the few rounds which can be efficiently fielded, against bears, with the
    reload capability of an auto-loader. 10mm obviously has more recoil. But, if you need it,
    10mm is an efficient cartridge, even though it's a relative newcomer. (1989)

    Whereas 9mm is a proven round, through 2 world wars, NATO vetting, and LE usage.
    It's efficient and economical, and can be had in bulk for very reasonable cost. Not to mention the selection of pistols and carbines which fire 9mm is unsurpassed, both in quality, and quantity.
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  12. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    If I could own only one handgun, it might well be my DW 1911 in 10mm.
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  13. crash11049

    crash11049 Well-Known Member Supporter

    The choice is not for others to make, It depends on a lot of factors.
    What is the primary purpose of the pistol?
    If your just starting out the 9mm is the way to go, cheap ammo being the main thing.
    You will want to shoot a lot first to get proficient with your pistol.
    And you will just want to shoot it because you will enjoy the he11 out of it.
    10 mm more money to shoot, ok say you are going to reload that's great if you have the reloading tools.
    Starting from scratch that's a bit pricy to start, and the learning curve can be a bit intimidating.
    Sorry I am just assuming you are just starting out, if not forget what I said.
    If I am wrong in my assumption that you are just starting out, then 10 mm it is.
    I am old school, bigger is better. :)
    Nothing in my mind is better than shooting a big gun, but I want to be able to afford to shoot it enough to be proficient.
    Me if I was starting out and wanted a larger caliber it would not be the 10mm.
    The .45 ammo is a cheaper around my area, and pistols are made on many different
    platforms other than just the 1911 style.
    But I must admit I love the 1911 pistols. o_O
    So many others here gave lots of great advice, but the choice is up to you.
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  14. harkersislandnc

    harkersislandnc Well-Known Member

    Why? Not trying to start a caliber debate but I have shot some very accuarate .40s and I thought competition use was a major selling point of 40. Never done any competitive pistol shooting so asking purely out of couriousity.
  15. CaseySullivan

    CaseySullivan New Member

    Thank you guys so much for your replies and advice. A quick update. I've shot my friend's 10 mm. It's a heck of a weapon. We set up knock down targets and swinging ones too. I'm impressed. I may have to swap out the grips if all possible for a slightly smaller size though.
  16. CaseySullivan

    CaseySullivan New Member

    Thank you guys so much for your replies and advice. A quick update. I've shot my friend's 10 mm. It's a heck of a weapon. We set up knock down targets and swinging ones too. I'm impressed. I may have to swap out the grips if all possible for a slightly smaller size though.
  17. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    They are different as night and day. I recommend you shoot both and if you are going to actually 'carry' on your person you MUST realize the 10 will MUCH heavier and harder to conceal. If you are going to hunt hogs the 10 is better than the 9, but if yours is SD the 9 is better than the 10, as you may ACTUALLY carry it every day.;)
  18. TheDreadnought

    TheDreadnought Active Member

    9mm is better for defense, for all kinds of boring, practical reasons.

    10mm might be more fun and is definitely better for the woods.
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  19. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker Well-Known Member

    How come? I understand why not everyone likes 40 S&W as a self defense round, but what does it do wrong that it would effect you as an RSO?
  20. CaseySullivan

    CaseySullivan New Member

    I believe I am going to go with the 9x19mm. After having shot both the 9 seems to fit me a little better. Now it would just be a question of which one. Sig Sauer p226 or Glock 17 also in 9. Thanks again guys.
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