10 gauge what?

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  1. notwhywhynot

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    Hey I have been reading around and see everyone mention a 12 gauge shot gun but never a 10 gauge. I heard somewhere that they existed and make a great home defense gun. from reading this appears to be an inncorect statement. yes/no?
  2. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    I heard 10 gauge is an awesome Turkey gun....but Home defense....eh...I'm sure the recoil would be way to much...and most 10 gauges I see are single shot.

    12 Gauge is perfered for self defense....but I like 16 as well.

  3. propex

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    10 guage guns are available in many styles bouth auto, pump and I beleive double barrel. Found mostly in goose hunting and some in deer hunting. Was very popular in the old West but market taken over by 12 guage in modern day. Shells very expensive, but for long distance good to go. :)
  4. Virginian

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    People just ain't that hard to kill anyway.
  5. Shotgun Shooter

    Shotgun Shooter New Member

    If you have a 10ga and can find 10ga shells, no reason why its not good for HD.

  6. stalkingbear

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    I used to have 3 10 ga Browning BPS set up for taking people out & calling them in a turkey. The 10 ga is the ultimate turkey/waterfowl gun. They're usually so heavy they actually kick less than 12 ga w/3.5" chamber-except single barrels. I wouldn't think they would be good for home defense simply due to the weight of them.
  7. buckhuntr

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    My Dad had 2 10-ga shotguns - one a single-shot with a long barrel (maybe 36"), and the other a double. The single was light enough that it packed a whale of a wallop on my shoulder the one time I shot it, and I'm a big fellow - 6'6" and in excess of 300 lb then, some 35 years ago. Sadly they burned in a house fire in 1981, along with at least 3 12 ga doubles, and about 15 other long arms and handguns, or I would have inherited some of them.
  8. hubel458

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    We are using the bull barreled NEf 10gauges to bore out to
    the 8GA FH. add weight and have alot of fun.
    read the 12 GA FH thread.Ed
  9. spittinfire

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    IMO there is nothing wrong with a 10ga for home defense but a 12ga will do the job and then some. It would be like me pulling my 44 mag with an 8" barrel when my 45 is ready to go. The 45 has enough power, more rounds and is easier to shoot. A 10ga will probably be heavier, harder to move around quickly and won't offer enough advantage over a 12. Heck, I keep a 16ga loaded with #1 buck behind my door....wanna poke your head in at 2 am?
  10. Benning Boy

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    Had a neighbor, a ladies man.

    The wife found out.

    While he was asleep, she took his 10ga, and leveled it at his sleeping head from the other side of the bedroom. She missed, but took out the headboard, as well as put a large hole in the side of the house. They had a plywood barrier bolted there, never fixed it.

    He had a stroke from the excitement.

    I don't know if a 12ga would have done the same, but I saw the hole, and the mangled siding. Ugly.
  11. willshoum

    willshoum New Member

    10 ga.

    I see no need for 10 ga. 3.5 12 ga, you can shoot 3 different rounds. 2.75, 3'' and 3.5. So called experts recomend 2.75 # 8 or # 9 bird shot. This is at close range. Use 3.5 00 buck for out doors. Followed by Slugs. :)
  12. DrumJunkie

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    My grandfather had an 8 gauge years ago..That thing scared the crap put of me. I was 9 at the time though. Thinking bout it makes me a lil skeert.
  13. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    Ithica Mag 10

    In the 1980's Ithica made the mag 10 and the mag 10 roadblocker if I recall, heard of them but never seen one in the flesh.
    Had a coworker that stated his 10Ga Marlin Goose gun was all the shotgun he needed.
    Ole Bruce had lots of 10Ga stories from his gold camp day's down by Nome, Ak.
    Kinda neat idea a 10Ga semi auto.
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  14. UnderFire

    UnderFire New Member

    This topic is almost a year old, :confused: but since it was resurrected...

    Never real found a use for 10ga.'s, especially with all the designs of 12ga. loads. 8ga's would be interesting though-
  15. 410shooter

    410shooter New Member

    indeed the 10 guage does exsist and so does an 8 guage. the order from big to small goes 8,10,12,16,20,28,410,9mm,.22 cal the 9mm and .22 are actual bullets with no lead. there is a glass shell filled with #9 shot where the bullet fits into the brass. they are not used for anything more then killing snakes or rats. also the 8 gauge is no longer in production the only ones you will find are very very old black powder long guns. which are muzzle loaders. probably not safe for firing. the 10 ga. is still fairly common but will soon go out of production also i presume. the cost for one shell is over 1 dollar. a box of 25 is about 40 dollars. very expensive and impractical. do a little research on the 10 ga. look it up on gunbroker.com and then look at the shells. also type in 8 guage shotgun and you will have a page or so of antiques. if you have any questions just p.m me. thanks

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  16. robocop10mm

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    8 gauge is still used in foundries to blow the slag off the side of the pot. I believe Winchester still makes 8 ga "foundry slugs"
  17. simplepeddler

    simplepeddler New Member

    I have one

    I have an old spanish made 10 gauge side by side........
    It would be like swinging a 2 inch rigid piece of pipe in a battle.
    Thing must weigh 15 pounds ..........