10/22 with Some VQ Enhancements

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    Bought this rifle a few weeks ago. It has a VQ stock and barrel. Has had a trigger job and wears a Boush & Lomb Elite 3000 3 x 9 scope. I later bought a VQ buffer, hex head action screw, Power Custom cocking handle and also a VQ exact edge exrtactor.

    The guy who owned the rifle before me put alot of money into the gun but left in the crappy factory extractor :confused:. Stove piped about once per mag before replacing with the VQ part.

    Ruger produces some excellent firearms, however, I cannot understand why they haven't addressed their extractor issues in the MK pistols and apparently the 10/22's as well. A sub-par $2 part can render a $200 to $600 rifle or pistol frustratingly unreliable.

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    Great looking rifle, outstanding communication of both your knowledge and opinion!

    I am looking forward to your future posts! [​IMG]

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    Good stuff and a handsome rifle as well. :cool: