10/22 vs. 77/22

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Gus556, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Gus556

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    Hey folks, I gots a question.

    I see most of you like and speak highly of the 10/22. Rarely do I hear of folk talking about the 77/22. Is that because you prefer the semi auto or have none of you played with the bolt action 22?

    I ask because while I own both of them, I find myself grabbing the 77/22 far more often than the 10/22. In my humble opinion I think the 77/22 is far more accurate and I am much more effective at harvesting game and winning bullseye shoots with the bolt than the semi.

    I won a bushnell 4x scope from this great site a year or so ago and have killed more squirrels with that scope on my 77/22 than I care to remember. I can boast 1.5" groups with Winchester wildcat 22 ammo at 75 yards. Last march I shot a crow out of a tree at 110 yards with that rifle (using a little kentucky windage).

    What is your opinion?
  2. JonM

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    For accuracy hands down but i would prolly go with a better bolt 22lr than ruger. Thats prolly why you dont see much about the 77/22. I think most bolt users go with a different brand. Not that the 77/22 is bad at all.

    I dont own a bolt action 22 no real desire for one.

  3. GunLink

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    I like just about everything about my 10/22. I prefer it over a bolt action both for hunting and plinking/target practice.

    It's every bit as accurate as a bolt gun with its Bentz chambered Green Mountain barrel, bedded stock, trigger and bolt job, etc. It has no problem shooting "minute of squirrel eye socket" all day long and if one "jumps the gun" follow on shots are a snap.
  4. Txhillbilly

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    The 77/22 is a great gun,but is expensive.There are plenty of other bolt action rimfires that shoot better for a lot less $$$.

    The 10/22 is just an adult lego set,there is so many things that can be done to them,and they are fun to shoot.Most are fairly accurate out of the box,and they can be made into a very accurate semi auto rimfire.
  5. clr8ter

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    I have shot the 10/22 quite a bit in the past. This particular one has issues with the trigger resetting. To fire another shot, you have to stick your finger between the back of the trigger & the trigger guard. Even after going to the gunsmith with this complaint, same problem after a short amount of time.

    I currently own a Ruger 77/22. Nice gun. Have a few small issues with it. Same deal with the Ruger Single six in 22LR/22WMR.

    The only thing keeping me from trading the 77/22 for an equal Savage in 22WMR is the low mag capacity on the Savage. The 10/22's action WHEN WORKING is awesome, but that one problem soured me on it. The single Six I will never get rid of, because It feels superb in my hand, and I can shoot it well, and it looks really nice.

    Bottom line is I want to like Rugers in the worst way, but overall have not impressed me........
  6. MrM4

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    I have some of both, each had it uses. I love the 77/22, its the perfect 22 bolt.
  7. tuck2

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    My heavy Ruger 10-22 T with a glass bedded thumbhole varmint stock ,tuned up trigger with a Burris 6X Target scope is for shooting prairie dog pups when there are a lot of shots within 100 yards. The light weight Ruger 77-22 bolt with a 4 X scope and military sling is for going for a walk hunting cotten tail rabbits. Some 77-22s need to have the bolt worked on to get to shoot smaller groups. Both rifles can be improved by giving them a tune up.
  8. Wambli

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    The 77/22 is a beutifully made bolt action that is light years ahead the standard "kid friendly" inexpensive .22s. The two weak points are the trigger (and unlike many budget .22s you CAN do a good trigger job on a 77/22) and the barrel is just another standard Ruger offering (50-50 chance on accuracy) and way too short for the gun. After years of putting up with Ok accuracy I spent the money on a shillen barrel for my 77/22 and now I have a one bug hole tackdriver.