10-22 Trouble sighting scope

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  1. TCH2FLY

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    I am working with somebody on another forum who said he can't get a Bushnell 3-9x40 scope to work on his 10-22. At first he said the scope would not adjust but now he is worried about the receiver to barrel alignment:
    I am not sure what length barrel he has but hopefully someone can still confirm that this is or isn't correct.
    I was gong to check mine but I have a bull barrel and no sight so it isn't apples to apples (and honestly I'm not in the mood to pull the scope :eek:))
  2. stalkingbear

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    I wouldn't worry about the barrel/receiver alignment. As long as nothing's been bent real badly it'll be ok. Have him join this forum so we can help him better. It sounds like he's having trouble with the scope to me. If it's off in a certain direction you can shim the ring to make the added adjustment needed.

  3. Txhillbilly

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    TOO many things not listed that could be the problem.
    What base is being used-Stock Ruger or Aftermarket?
    What rings are being used?
    What scope,New or Used?
    Was everything tightened down?
    Was the scope boresighted after it was installed?
    At what distance is he/she trying to sight the scope in to begin with? Try sighting it in at 25ft and work you way out,if it can't be adjusted that close it is probably a bad scope.
  4. canebrake

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    Tell him to turn the scope around so the little end points to the back. [​IMG]
  5. TCH2FLY

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    Cool, if what he is describing doesn't concern you that should help him. I'll mention the forum to him.
    I have two of the exact same scope, one on my 10-22T and one on my son's Henry 22 lever. Sighting the Henry took A LOT of adjustment but it did zero out. I'm not sure what he is doing to sight the scope but either he is simply not trying enough adjustment (although he said it does not "seem" to adjust any more) or the scope is hosed.
    He said he had to put a washer under the rear of the mount and it "fixed" the problem.

    Aftermarket, rings that came with the scope, new, yes, unknown and unknown.
    Yeah I realize that they are a lot of factors that could cause problems but right now his "concern" is the receiver alignment, I was hoping to get him some info on that because it is not letting him look at the areas I think he should address.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Ram Rod

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    Since the 10/22 receiver is tapped for a scope base, what you've said seems to make sense. Alignment....side to side, or laterally....horizontally, there shouldn't be an issue. The 10/22 receiver is able to accept either the standard taperred barrel, or a .920 heavy barrel. With a scope, you can forget the front sight and relating it in any way. With what you've described, I've come up with two possibilities as to what might be wrong. A.....the barrel is misaligned in the receiver for some reason, and B......the scope rings and base alignment. One of the rings is not entirely in a groove, or their is something between the rings and scope that's causing this. Hard to say without seeing it in person, but I'm almost sure there's an easy remedy. There's a lot to be learned about scope mounting that many don't understand. This is why I've never bought a used scope, and never will. Granted....it's difficult for most to spend over $100 on a scope, much less more money to have a gunsmith or professional mount it all for them and bore sight it in. Everyone thinks how hard can it be? The real deal? It's sooooo easy to screw up the whole thing in the attempt, and ruin a scope. I'm just sayin'. Good luck with it all, and as you can tell, it's really difficult to give advice over the internet when you just don't know all of the possiblities no matter how much we want to help someone else.