10-22 Tapco T6/Leapers Quadrail Mods

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    Earlier, in another thread, I had mentioned modifying the TAPCO T6 for the 10-22 to accept the Leapers .22 QuadRail System. I have received a couple PM's about the details, one from Lagbolt who has been patiently waiting, so here's the skinny on it. Measure back from the fore end 1.753"(+/- .003), and use a small square to mark a line in the stock. This distance allows for a good fit for the Quadrails lower section. From this line forward remove .062"(1/16" for those unlike me and my obsession with decimals) from BOTH sides of the fore end. At the bottom of the fore end you will need to file a small radius, this is just a file and fit thing. Be sure to put the C "clip" in the lower section of the rail, and use the rubber pads for a nice tight, secure fit. And dont forget the four receiver screws that secure the rear section of the rails to the scope mount/rail holes. You will still be able to screw the top cover to the stock should you decide to remove your rails. The Leapers .22 Quadrail Sytem on the 10-22 T6 offers the operator multiple options for mounting optics, bipods, lasers, tactical lights, or whatever your shooting style is, and gives the 10-22 an "AR" look. Here are some pics that should give you an idea of how easy this mod is. I have used this QuadRail System on my Choate 10-22 side-folding stock also, you just have to cut/file a minor notch in the end of the rail for the stock to fully close. That looks wicked with the stock folded, the rail system, a pair of Eagle 30 round mags coupled together hanging from the mag well, sitting on a bipod. I need to get a rotating trigger mechanism for some real "spray-n-pray" I will ask Santa for one! Thanks for looking, good luck, and happy shooting.

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