10/22 Super Kriss Vector

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    quick update.

    had some time to do some work on the kriss today. im still far from being finished. heres what i did in 3 hours

    first time using a plasma cutter and brake press (bending sheet metal)

    plasma cutter allows me to cut 16 gauge sheet metal like butter. a lot faster than using a dremel or a angle grinder.

    also i used a brake press to bend the upper part of the receiver in 2 places.

    i already cut out 2 pieces of the lower receiver.

    things to do:
    weld the round tube pieces to the square tubing stock.
    weld the stock to the upper receiver
    weld butt plate to stock
    epoxy glue rubber butt pad to the butt plate
    draw template for pistol grip/trigger guard area and plasma cut it
    add 20" in picatinny rail to the upper receiver for MBUS/eotech
    add picatinny rail to the lower receiver for magpul
    plasma cut and weld the floor of the receiver
    drill holes similar to the KRISS
    weld brackets to the upper and lower receiver for easy disassembly
    add fake selector and safety switches
    weld bracket to reuse action screw
    jb weld 10/22 rotary mag to a extended pistol mag
    cut 10/22 trigger guard
    cut pvc piping for fake suppressor
    fill gaps in the lower receiver
    plasti dip the pistol grip
    draw a template for cheek weld on the stock and plasti dip
    draw and cut out a kriss logo to the lower receiver
    clean up the edges and repaint it all black

    _MG_3446 by defconskylude, on Flickr

    _MG_3449 by defconskylude, on Flickr

    _MG_3455 by defconskylude, on Flickr
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    Is this defconskylude from THR? If not that's an extreme coincidence. Awesome work!

  3. 40calcliffy

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    all i can say is WOW!!!!
  4. KingTiger

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    It sorta reminds me of a M11/9 SMG.

    It begs to be SBR'd.