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10/22 - Stiff Charging

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I have a brand new 10/22 that feels a little to hard to charge. Like there is to much pressure or resistance on the charging handle. Is this something that will break in or is there a particular mod i should do?
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clean and Lube the internal parts then Shoot it a lot. It will get smoother as you use it a lot.
I will presume that you feel something is out of whack for how a new rifle should be. as Jon stated, clean, lube and perform several dozen-100 cycles of the bolt can loosen a tight action.

Does it have a scope mounted?
if so, look from the bottom, with no magazine installed, and see if the front screw mounts along the top protrude into the area where the bolt slides. unless the screws are flush, disassemble the rifle and verify that everything has its proper spacing.

Dis assembly will give you a chance to check the charging handle/spring, bolt, etc for contact marks where they shouldn't be. It could be as simple as something is out of alignment, or a screw is overtightened or loose.

a good cleaning and polish of any contact surface won't hurt a bit either
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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