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When I got my 10/22, it was with the intention to totally rebuild it. I used the factory receiver and put in a GM barrel, Kidd trigger, CDC bolt all in a Hogue stock. I had enough parts left over to build a new gun, except for the receiver. I found a place that had what they claimed were Ruger factory receivers. I got one and built up another gun. I haven’t even gotten around to firing the new one yet. The rebuilt one works great. The only thing I had to do to either receiver was drill a hole for a cleaning rod. I like to use a plastic coated Parker Hale cleaning rod from the breach.

The 10/22 is different from many rifles. With the addition of a heavy barrel, you really can’t cantilever it off the light aluminum receiver, but instead bed the barrel and float the receiver. When doing that, the structural integrity of the receiver is much less important than it would be otherwise. So the bottom line is, you may do just fine with a factory or factory type receiver. Even with that, I would still like to try making one with a stiff, preferably steel, receiver and see how well it works.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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