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Hello everybody. I'm new here. I hope to share information and learn about peep or aperture sight options for the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

I know this isn't normally viewed as a match-grade gun, but of course it can be with the right modifications and accessories. And there is a real shortage of .22 target rifles with good precise peep sights. Most of them old and old. They are normally bolt action, often single shot (Savage makes such a rifle today, and I think it's the only target .22 being currently manufactured with a price under $500. Bolt guns are not that popular anymore. A magazine-fed semiauto is fun.

I have seen the Zephyr sights, the new Williams low-profile peep sight with a fiber-optic insert replacement front sight, and the Tech-Sight system.

I have seen a number of really good quality click-adjustable rear sights with knobs for finger adjustments on windage and elevation, but these would take some expensive gunsmithing to mount to most guns, since they're not made with any one specific firearm (like the Ruger 10/22) in mind. And you'd have to buy the front sight separately, and make sure you got one with the right type of base and standing to the correct height to match how tall the rear aperture is.

Does anybody here have some ideas about putting good quality target sights on a Ruger 10/22, either the sporter weight barrel or the .920 bull barrel models?

Would anybody here be interested in finding a company that sells, or could be talked into offering for sale, a set of both front and rear sights, featuring a match style rear aperture and a thin and precise front post, made to attach easily to a 10/22 with little or no modifications?

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