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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by 7point62, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I got my 17 yo a 10/22 for Christmas and felt obligated to zero it in for him. First I shot just irons at 50 yards, sitting, headwind at about 5mph, with Wallyworld Win 36gr plated HP 1280fps. I could barely make out the bull at that distance


    Back up to the house to afix ye olde Tasco scope with E. Arthur Brown mount...back down to the range...and at 80 yards prone was not even on paper. So...I came up to 50yrds, sitting, got on paper, then went back up to 80 yards, prone, and walked it up and left. Don't let the highly technical notations on the target intimidate you :0)


    One of the last rounds went thru the bull so I switched to another target, again, 80 yards, prone.


    It ain't benchrest shooting by a long shot but it'll do. My 17 yo is crazy-nuts for the Ruger, he thinks it is a thing of beauty. I traded his problematic Remington 597 in for it, and he is now nailing cans at 80 yards.
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    Your 17 yr old has good taste! A lot of fun for the money. :)

    He will still be busting cans with it 100 years from now! Ya just can't wear one out, I know, we tried! Great rifle & Great report, thanks 7, Ken

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    I bought a 10/22 several years ago, stainless with factory synthetic stock. It shot a lot like what your targets show, but quite frankly, I was not happy with it. After retirement from the cop shop, I took a job at Leupold. After a bit, I befriended one of the R&D engineers (who happens to be a world class shooter) and one day over coffee we were discussing .22 rifles. I told him I was not happy with my Ruger and was thinking about trying something else, and could he recommend anything. When he asked why, I explained that it seemed to be inaccurate and that I really didn't like the iron sights on it. He told me to bring it in and he would take a look at it.

    As you might expect, Leupold has a very sophisticated R&D department, with lots of whiz-bang gadgets for working on the rifles of their "special" customers and VIPs.

    First, we replaced the barrel and stock with Butler Creek carbon fiber barrel & synthetic stock. Next we mounted a Leupold 4x fixed power scope, using their "special" mounting equipment. Next we replaced internal parts and trigger group, and the engineer did some magic on his CNC milling machine to releive the bolt face and some other stuff.

    The result, sub-MOA groups at 50+ yards. It is a stone cold tack driver, and I swear I can his mosquitoes at 50 yards. :cool:

    Needless to say, I am now very pleased with my Ruger-stein 10/22.
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    Really good stuff!
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    Awesome! Makes me want to go shoot up some cans right now with my .22 :D
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    I have to drive 16 miles one way to the outdoor range.

    Did the range yesterday for 3 hours. The shooting position 2 from my left, he had a 10/22 with wood stock and had a red-dot on it.

    Had to re-adjust the scope on the Ruger Charger .22LR and took the S&W MP 15-22 for some 50 yard target fun. I wanted to go 100 yards; but, the wind was not kind!