10/22 first shoots.

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    I bought my son a 10/22 for Christmas last year and he was only seven. He turned eight on the 17th and we took it out shooting today for the first time. I sighted the gun in, we were shooting at about 25yards and he had a blasts. I brought a few of my guns and he brought his bb gun also. We were with some family members at their cabin shooting targets and shaving cream cans and empty shotgun shells. My son is a great shot, we set up the caps on top of the log we had our targets on, mind you the log was covered in shaving cream so we just put them on end in the foam and he was shooting holes in the caps at about 25yards. He was hitting shotgun shells that were on top of the log with no problem. So he asked if he could shot some of the weapons the adults were shooting. He shot and old smith .22 revolver, my oldladys cousins 12ga. I dont know what he loaded for him but it was a very light bird shot and he loved it. He shot my Gp100 with very mild .38's and the one he was asking to shoot for about a month is my Wasr10, a semi-auto Ak and he liked that also. Very good day and will never forget it. All he could do was smile and ask when we were going next. Sorry no pictures I didnt have time to pull out my phone. Busy keeping the new generation of responsible gun owners safe. Maby next time.
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    Glad you had fun with your kid. I can guarantee that he will remember that for the rest of his life.

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    I did something like that with my kids, but it didn't seem to take. I am how waiting for my grandchildren to get a little older to try again. They are currently 4 to 6.
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    I did something similar with my sons when they were about 14 and 10. My younger has hunted with me for years now but the older one, though still enjoys shooting isn't that into it. His wife wants to learn so this may open the door for both of them. My daughter resisted for years but the other day she finally went to the range with me and loved my 10/22. When we were leaving, she asked me how much a new 10/22 is! I do believe I've got a recruit and she's only 22 years old! Better late than never.
    Congrats on getting the next generation interested in the shooting sports.