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10/22 Bull barrel

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Thinking of upgrading my 10/22 barrel. Does anybody have any input on the Kidd 18" fluted bull barrel? Also, what's the difference between polished, and bead blasted? What's capped and threaded, and is it worth the extra $60? Thanks for any help.
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Polished = smooth shiney polished barrel.
Bead blasted = a little rougher textured barrel (caused by the bead blasting of the barrel surface)
Capped and threaded? I'm gonna guess threaded means barrel threaded for a suppressor. Not sure about capped. Could be a cap covering of the suppressor threads.
If you ever wanted to put a suppressor (silencer) on the gun, you would need the threads, If not - no. $60 worth it if yes for suppressor.

10/22 = nice gun
Awesome. Thanks for the help. Now to watch YouTube to learn how to swap barrels. LOL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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