10/22 aftermarket mag release

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  1. butterbones

    butterbones New Member

    Which is the better of all the aftermarket mag releases? Are the straight ones better or the half extended or full extended? Looking to upgrade and need some insight. Thanks
  2. jyo

    jyo New Member

    I find the short, straight ones work well on sporter 10-22s (like with the standard stock)---the extended ones just get in the way---especially the ones that wrap around the trigger guard---just my 02...

  3. dwmiller

    dwmiller Well-Known Member Supporter

    I'm just the opposite, I like the full extended length. Even on my tactical type builds. All my target bench rifles get the long one. Half extended works well if you have larger hands and can reach it with a finger without removing your trigger hand from the pistol grip/handgrip position. But most people just buy whatever seems coolest to them. They all work well. ;)

    The long release puts the release at the bottom of the triggerguard where my index finger can release the mag while I swap another in with my off hand. Handy and quick, for me at least.

    Best advice, buy both and try them out. They are not expensive parts, and they swap with one pin. You can always sell the one you don't like. Or like most of us use it as an excuse to build another 10/22. ;)
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