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    That was hard to watch on T.V. this morning...At least those people fought back in the cockpit...Watching all those people on T.V. brought back feeling of sadness but hope....GOD BLESS this GREAT COUNTRY....FOREVER...........
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    Yes this is a sad but also an honorable day when Americans unified. I attended a 911 Memorial Service at a Fire Station this morning in Indiana where they also presented a statue in front of the station of one of their own who died in the line of duty! I then attended a Church that also had a memorial service which once again really touched my heart. As the Japanese said after Pearl Harbor. "We fear we have awoken the sleeping giant!" Bin Laden and his spineless, less than manly, gutless wonders certainly did wake the Giant! Including the people that lost their life on 911 involving the three flights and the wars against the terrorists since, if you think about it, has accounted for some 10,000 heroes who have paid the ultimate price to protect our freedom. Lest We Never Forget! The event generated what I call the 911 generation! This showed true patriotism among our youth and the need that they realized that freedom is not free. They felt an honorable need to volunteer for the military and serve our country due to that horrific event to defend America!
    God Bless every one of them. Those who are serving at the present and those who paid the ultimate price! They are true Heroes! And at least for me, they will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! And of course the families of those who lost loved ones!