$10.00 Discount Coupon for NM Collector Software

Discussion in 'Sponsor Display' started by nmCollector, May 5, 2012.

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    I have just implemented a new Coupon Discount system on my "Buy it Now" page and am offering $10.00 off to anyone who enters "FIREARMSTALK" (in all caps) for the coupon code.

    That's 1/3 off of the regular price of $29.95!

    Please visit my NM Collector Software home page for more information about the software.

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    Guys, I'm doing a review of this software and should have something to post next week'

    I got to tell you so far, 'ole canebrake is impressed! You can't beat it for $30 and with this 10$ coupon, "It's a steal." That's like six rounds of 458SOCOM!

    The software is simple to learn and allows you to keep track of your firearms plus the following collection types;
    1. Nihonto (Japanese Swords)
    2. Knives
    3. Coins
    4. Stamps
    5. Geological (Gems, Minerals, Rocks, Fossils)
    6. Ammo
    7. Home Inventory
    8. Paper Items
    9. Whistles
    10. Passwords
    11. Recipes
    12. Subscriptions
    13. Licenses

    Clay Pryor is the owner of NM Collector Software and is one of those businessmen that is never done with his product development. His software is a living entity that is continually being improved and upgraded with the feed-back from his customers.

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    New Link for Discount Coupon Code

    Please use this link to enter the coupon code instead of the one I originally posted.