1 Week Away!

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    Just wanted to remind you all that registration for the Bushnell Brawl hosted by Rifles Only opens up a week from today. February 8th at 10am. You will register on the Rifles Only website. Here is the link: http://www.riflesonly.com/up-and-coming/2012/0405-48.html
    In case that link does not work correctly, all you have to do is go to the RO website, hit competitions, and then up and coming. The registration button will be at the top of the page if I remember correctly. The registration form will appear about 10 minutes before 10. Please do not register before 10.
    I will start sending out emails that day and the following day. Please be patient as that day and the following day are usually crazy. You will receive a confirmation from the website when your application is submitted. This does not mean that you are in. So, please don't take off of work until you receive an email from one of us at Rifles Only.
    We are excited as hell to have Shooting USA filming part of the train-up, Sponsor Demo Day and the competition. NRA sport will also be here!
    Expect to see a lot of new events!
    This will be the only open competition that Rifles Only will be putting on in 2012 so we have opened it up to 90 shooters. We have set it up so that we can have 4-5 ranges going at the same time so everything should flow nicely.
    We hope to see you there!