1 SIG & 1 sw442 Proud new parents

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    Hi all, my wife & I got our ccp a couple of months ago and I realized it was gonna be a bit uncomfortable carrying our 10/22s in this manor, so when we heard ARAZONA GUN RANGE AND EMPORIUM IN FT. LAUD WAS HAVING A SALE LAST SAT. WITH s&w REPS IN STORE we said we would go take a look (sorry my caps Lock was on) did I say look...well with fifty bucks off each, a free spring kit for the 442 & an extra fifty OR 2 extra 16 round clips mail in rebate we walked out with 1 S&W 442 & 1 Sig 9mm. my wire really liked the way the 442 fit & felt. Me I just really liked the sig. Anyway with hind sight being so good, I think I now have a cc 442 and a sweet shootin sig & we will most likely go in search of another cc for my wife, she has shot several other guns before but not a 38 spg and when we went out to Markham on SUN. she tore up the thumb knuckle and web. it seems she is having trouble holding it when she fires. before this she even liked a friends AMR. ARMS derringer 45cal. So now I am a believer in renting before you buy, Me...I'm doing well.:D:D
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    Good for you both. I have a 442 and prefer old style wood scales and a Tyler "T Grip". But it still has a bit of a bite with most HP ammo. Winchester sells a SilverTip that is non +P rated for use in older S&W J frames. It works very well.