1 MOA might be possible..

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    As I was telling you guys in my earlier post I was having problems getting the accuracy that I read about so much on the Internet . if your like me I google for formulas , ideas, and just to gather general knowledge about reloading . you will read about 1MOA at 300 yada , yada Yada. Well 1MOA might be possible in my S&W 16in



    Ar. Stock barrell and no trigger kit .....yet...That's coming. I Had not had success with 55g and 60g noslers FMJ /Bt. At best ,I was getting 2 MOA . Today I tried some Noslers 77g bt non canalured with 23.5 of varget and was pleasantly supplied with the results . The 1 to 8 riffling liked the weight of the round. Now granted It was only at 50 yds , but I believe I can keep it close At 100 maybe even a 1MOA . I ran out of daylight today to try the 100yd shot but will find out tomorrow. I also pulled out the colt and found good success with 55 g FMJ /bt . Since its a 1 to 12 I figured it would like the 55. It's a great feeling when you finaly hit that sweet spot and get the fullest potential out of a rifle. By the way have you ever noticed the edges of the bullet hole in paper . I noticed the edges of the 77 grain were very smooth while the edges of the 55 were raged . I assume that comes from the hollow point cutting the paper in the 77g or does it have to do with the stability of the bullet? . Will give a range report when completed on the 100 yd test.
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    Keep working on it, you'll find it.

    This has me puzzled however.
    Nosler doesn't make a FMJ bullet in .224.

    If they were FMJ then I am not surprised that you had poor accuracy as most FMJ bullets are not known for accuracy.

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    Try a 45-50 grain bullet in the 1-12 Colt.
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    Will do ,I bet your right , but should I use H335 or varget with the 45 and 50 grainers. I have read that the varget is Better with heavier loads.
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    I've had good luck shooting sub with 27.5 gr of cfe 223 behind a 55gr fmj/bt
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    FMJ bullets

    This has not been my experience w/ FMJ bullets. I load 90 grain Speer 6mm FMJ bullets in my 6mm Remington and my .243 and get consistant sub-MOA groups.