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  1. Revolver Handguns
    I had a S&W Governor given to me. The pistol would make a nice home defense weapon but I'm a bigger guy and the grips are two small. Anyone know where I can find extended grips for the pistol?
  2. Revolver Handguns
    Saw these on Gunbroker and figured I would share, Custom S&W Model 10's. Comes with a big price tag but I thought they were pretty cool, they would be even better if they duplicated the old S&W blueing Check out what I found on!
  3. M&P Forum
    I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with both the original Performance Center Shield in 9mm and the newer M2.0 Shield in 9mm. I realize the M2.0 doesn’t feature the porting or fiber optic sights but I’m curious if the triggers are similar or if one outperforms the other. Thanks in advance...
  4. General Handgun Discussion
    I am looking at picking up a S&W 645. I do NOT know much about the weapon. I can get it for $350 with an Optima red dot (ex-competition weapon). IS that a good price? What isues were has with that weapon? Holsters easy to come by? Anyone conceal carry a Service model on a daily?
  5. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I figured I'd give some comparison to Sarge's shooting for those who don't know what good shooting looks like (cuz Sarge's targets have good groupings): As you can see he shoots much better better groupings than me and I'd say I shoot about average for a beginner. 18 rounds (17 in mag 1 in...
1-5 of 5 Results