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  1. Curio & Relic Discussion
    I have old shotgun that my grandfather gave me. I did some research and determined "RPF" "Rivolier Pere Et Fils" made in St. Eighteen, France in the late 1800s. I am debating on getting it restored, but there is a major problem. It has had its barrels chopped off to a VERY short length (Barrels...
  2. General Shotgun Discussion
    I have a P350 home defense shotgun. I was wondering if anyone know if they sell a rifled barrel for this shotgun? Thanks
  3. General Shotgun Discussion
    Hi guys new here! Anyone know of a drum mag for a tr import (aka silver eagle) evo-bt??? I for the life of me can't find one...the pro mag for the mka 1919 doesn't work in it apparently and I definitely need a couple drum mags for it...some advice would be much obliged! Thanks for any info!
  4. Firearms in the Media
    Hey folks, I have a goose hunt in Arkansas February 12 and I need to purchase the following accessories for my browning gold 20 gauge shotgun. These can be new or used, and I will drive to you if needed. Items needed by feb 11. Nordic systems 20 gauge magazine extension tube, +4. I cannot use...
  5. Gunsmithing Forum
    Hello everyone, Recently I was given my great grandfathers Baker Batavia Special double barrel shotgun. It hasn’t been fired in decades but seams in ok shape except a couple small cracks in the stock on the handle where the stock connects to the body of the gun(see pictures). Two cracks on the...
  6. General Shotgun Discussion
    Recently purchased a Remington model 11 shotgun from my local pawn store and running into some issues. Went to the range and fired the first shot then any other rounds I tried to fire the firing pin won’t strike the primers hard enough to fire. I took it home and cleaned the hell out of the...
  7. General Shotgun Discussion
    I have very recently come into the posession of a Remington Model 10-A and would like to know if there is anything important I should know? -How can I find the manufacture date? -Have any replicas or reproductions been made?
  8. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    This is a tuffy: For anyone with weak arms, arthritic hands, and little experience, what are the best guns for personal protection in the home? (by model name). It seems that if a gun has a light trigger, it's a bear to rack and load, leading to misfeeds and short-racking. If it's easy to...
  9. Gunsmithing Forum
    Come on Gunsmiths, show us what you've been working on
  10. General Handgun Discussion
    Tough choice for me.... What's your favorite?
  11. Firearms Industry
  12. Introductions
    I stumbled across this forum and decided to join as there's a lot that I might learn about my "new" hobby, shooting. Yeah, I know I'm pretty old to start a new hobby, but it is what it is. When I was in high school I belonged to an Explorer Post whose specialty was competition shooting. We...
  13. Hunting Forum
    What do you think?Is it a good or bad gun for hunting?In my opinion its a good gun,just needs to carry more ammo.
  14. General Shotgun Discussion
    The AA12 is a shotgun that can hold up to 32 rounds.It is consider as"The World's Deadliest Shotgun.
  15. General Shotgun Discussion
    is this knock of of a 870 even worth purchasing? i hear mixed reviews. is the price to good to be true? do ya get what ya pay for? HAWK 12 GA. PUMP DEFENSE SHOTGUN
  16. General Shotgun Discussion
    Hey y'all, this past weekend I went shooting with my father and two of my friends. We took a Mosin Nagant, Mini-14, couple ruger 10/22s, some one brought a ruger 30-06 (can't remember what it was), and a 20 guage remington 870. We started off small with the .22s and worked our way up the...
  17. Range Report
    Does anyone know of a Gun range around chicagoland where i can shoot my 12g shotgun? Preferably north/west around the 90 expressway.
  18. General Shotgun Discussion
    The Original Stock For My Remington 870 Express Was Recently Lost In A Fire, and I really need to find another one! I've looked everywhere with NO luck! Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? I need The Stock and the Fore-end! Thanks!