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    I remember when my high school friend turned 18 and purchased his first gun (Mosin Nagant 91-30). Two years later my 18th birthday came and my friend sold me his first Mosin Nagant for $80. To this day I still have that Mosin and by far my favorite rifle in my collect.
  2. General Rifle Discussion
    Hello all. Recently my grandfather gave me his old Remington 522 Viper. I took it out to the range after getting it cleaned by my local gunsmith but it cant seem to cycle properly along with constant misfire. Any advice on this ?
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    6.5mm Creedmoor (aka, 6.5x48mm) -- Seeking a decent target rifle platform for 200-1000yd target shooting. Open to any and all suggestions. On specific rifles to consider, or things to avoid, or decisions to make in order to get the "right" one for me. ============ Purpose: Target only...
  4. General Rifle Discussion
    Hey All—First Post, I recently had the trigger mechanism on my Remington 721 replaced as the old one was labeled unsafe. Remington (the ones who did the trigger replacement) claims they cleaned and test-fired the gun but I doubt it. Upon trying to shoot it today, I would get the “click” of the...
  5. General Rifle Discussion
    I know only a bit about the M1 Carbine. Have owned one, many years ago, and dearly loved the excellent balance, ease of shouldering, how it fired. My example wasn't all that reliable, but I've loved the platform ever since. Every other time I've had the opportunity to fire an M1 Carbine, it's...
  6. West Virginia Gun Forum
    Mountaineers, Project Appleseed is a fantastic program for rifle shooters of all ages and abilities. Please go to learn more about the program. Two events are on the schedule this year in WV: - April 18-19, 2020; This is a 2-Day Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship clinic...
  7. General Rifle Discussion
    Post a pic of your Pre 64's..... I don't have one .. YET
  8. General Handgun Discussion
    On average, how many rounds do you go through during a trip to the range?
  9. Gunsmithing Forum
    Come on Gunsmiths, show us what you've been working on
  10. General Handgun Discussion
    Tough choice for me.... What's your favorite?
  11. Firearms Industry
  12. General Rifle Discussion
    is the Marine Corps getting a new sniper rifle platform? appears that they may be. details to follow.
  13. General Rifle Discussion
    I am currently fixing up an old .234 caliber savage rifle, and the only thing missing is the bolt. I could be considered a novice, and the research I've done doesn't say whether or not I should buy a short or long-action bolt.
  14. General Rifle Discussion
    I´ve got about an extra $300 so I´m thinking about picking up a .243 (or something like that) to go deer hunting with. Since I´m pretty much totally ignorant as far as guns go (the only guns I´ve even owned were a .22 and a 20 guage for squirrel hunting) I figured maybe someone could give me...
  15. AK & SKS Discussion
    I've been trying to find a TGI AK 74 "Truck Gun" online to buy, the only place (Peach State Guns, LLC) that even has them listed is out of stock. I called and they don't know when they'll get them back. Do any of you know where I can buy one? Do any of you have any experience with them...
  16. AR-15 Discussion
    Hey guys, this is a tough one. This is also my first day on the forums, so easy on the flaming. :) I need you guys to settle an argument I've been having with myself. I can't decide which assault rifle is the best: the Remington ACR or the Robinson Arms XCR. They are extremely similar, and are...
  17. General Rifle Discussion
    I'm trying to make a choice on my next rifle, I've come up with a few hard specifics on what I want but I am still not sure on a couple of the others i dont know much on. I'd appreciate a little help deciding. Has to be under $2,000 It must NOT be a bolt action. I dont care how it cycles as...
  18. General Rifle Discussion
    I'm currently in the process of getting my gun license and looking at possibilities for my first rifle. I'm 19 and was in the Australian Army as a grunt so i was thinking .223 would be my best bet as a starter rifle. Wont be shotting anything more than rabbits and foxes and targets out to 250 -...
  19. DIY Projects
    Ok folks, here are some pics of my finished Yugo M70AB2 modified rifle. This rifle is no beauty queen, but the paint doesn't look too shabby either. The real test will be when I put a couple hundred rounds through it. We'll see how well the paint stands up to the heat, and if the weld holds. I...
  20. General Rifle Discussion
    Guys, I took my AR and HK 93 clones out of the safe, and saw what appears to be the preliminary effects of oxidation in the barrel and flash hider. This was the first time that I've seen this on any of my rifles. After shooting them, I always clean them with the regular cleaning solvents...