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red dot

  1. Optics & Mounts
    What kind of red dot do you have on your Ruger Mark IV? (Or III, II etc) I’m thinking about putting one on mine but don’t know what I don’t know :p
  2. Optics & Mounts
    Hello all. I have a holosun green circle dot sight that projects a faint square around the reticle. I spoke with a holosun rep that claims this is common and will go away when adjusting brightness to the surronding light. I have several red dots and no others do this. Is this common and if so...
  3. AK & SKS Discussion
    Well since i bought my AK three years ago, I have not done anything to it. I have since gotten bored of it and instead of selling to purchase something else i have decided to add a few things.... what do you all think about this .... would i be able to purchase it if so where would be the best...