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  1. 1911 Forum
    I have been reading a lot of folks write about building themselves quality 1911 pistols from match grade parts. I would love to do the same. Can anyone suggest some quality vendors of match grade 1911 parts, as well as any good advice for some wanting to spend good money on a DIY pistol. I...
  2. DIY Projects
    Ok folks, here are some pics of my finished Yugo M70AB2 modified rifle. This rifle is no beauty queen, but the paint doesn't look too shabby either. The real test will be when I put a couple hundred rounds through it. We'll see how well the paint stands up to the heat, and if the weld holds. I...
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    well, in march of 09 i started a little project, i bought a Mauser gew98 mod-1916 in 8mm; for $75. I'm making it my hunting rife. it was sporter-ized, the stock was painted black (ugh). here is a pic what it did look like. well i striped the paint off the stock, and stained it; making it look...
1-3 of 3 Results