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  1. Blackpowder & Musket
    Hello guys, My family has a musket that has been passed down from generation. We were trying to find out more info and the potential value of this rifle. We attached photos If anyone has information on the following style it would be greatly appreciated. musket, stamp that says “1657, Tower...
  2. Blackpowder & Musket
    While I am a gunsmith am not a firearms historian. Does anyone know what these proof marks mean on the stock of this musket?
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    Ok, we've had this musket in our family for at most 200yrs, and I'm not entirely sure as what model this weapon is. It's a .69cal flintlock (converted to percussion during the Civil War by a family member), smoothbore, possibly a Brown Bess mod?, and made by Sutherland. The top of the barrel...
1-3 of 3 Results