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  1. General Shotgun Discussion
    Hello all. Newbie to this forum. I have an opportunity to pick up a 590M Shockwave with some minor damage to the barrel and tube. Mostly cosmetic, it seems, but I don't want to take the risk. I would like to be able to replace the barrel and tube, and especially these days, it seems to be...
  2. General Handgun Discussion
    Mossberg's new handgun. What do you think?
  3. Firearm Accessories & Gear
    I have a Mossberg 30-06 rifle. Very basic bolt action (does not even have a quick release) as it is all I can afford right now. I have been wanting to purchase a tactical stock for it or a stock with a thumb hole. Does anyone know of any companies that sell tactical stocks that'll fit a...
  4. General Shotgun Discussion
    Looking to spend around $300 for a mossberg 500 shotgun in 12 ga. It's for home defense and possibly SHTF. I have narrowed down my choices to the Persuader and Road Blocker models. With the Persuader, a synthetic stock is attached along with a breach barrel. I myself wouldn't have use for a...