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  1. Revolver Handguns
    Our neighbor's husband left behind a S&W 38 Model 10 Military and Police Revolver with a 4" barrel. It was originally purchased in the mid 1970's from Oshman's in Houston. The wife reports that it was never fired as far as she knows. However, a quick check of the barrel under white light with a...
  2. General Shotgun Discussion
    I have very recently come into the posession of a Remington Model 10-A and would like to know if there is anything important I should know? -How can I find the manufacture date? -Have any replicas or reproductions been made?
  3. Revolver Handguns
    Saw these on Gunbroker and figured I would share, Custom S&W Model 10's. Comes with a big price tag but I thought they were pretty cool, they would be even better if they duplicated the old S&W blueing Check out what I found on!
1-3 of 3 Results