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  1. General Rifle Discussion
    Did all Mauser k98k's have curved bolt handles?
  2. Ammunition & Reloading
    I have a 1952 fabrica de armas la coruna 7.92 and am wondering if I can shoot a 8x 57 J's bullet in this old guy it's in great condition and it was being used before I got it but I'm not sure if it is safe
  3. Gunsmithing Forum
    So I'm planning on doing a set of custom bolt action rifles for me and my fiancee as a wedding present to us. She wants hers in 257 Roberts because it's her last name and it's a good all around cartridge, I'll will be doing mine in 7x57 Mauser (.275 Rigby). This is the first project of this...
  4. General Rifle Discussion
    Recently got a decent deal on an old mauser and I noticed from the get go that it had an extremely stiff bolt strictly when cocking the firing pin, bolt and action run smooth otherwise but when attempting to lift that bolt the first time to cock the pin you literally need to shove the butt into...
  5. DIY Projects
    Hello every one, I had the idea to do the ultimate custom build; build a bolt action .22 lr from scratch. It does sound far fetched but I'm going to try it. Just one problem; ideas, and planning. while doing research I came across how to build a mauser 98 receiver, after I read it I though "how...
  6. Gun Shows
    The Non Profit Palm Beach Arms Collectors are putting on our Friendly Annual Vintage Gun, Knife, and Military Show. Admission is only $8, $7 with coupon. This is a Great Opportunity for you to have your Military Collectibles Appraised. There is Buying, Selling, Trading, with all laws...
  7. General Rifle Discussion
    I got a Swedish Mauser at an auction. They said it was a "Swedish Sniper 1931." I'm having a hard time finding information about this gun. There's no stamp on the receiver and the serial number begins with a S. There's a metal plate for sighting in distances on the stock. It's a nice gun...
  8. General Rifle Discussion
    well, in march of 09 i started a little project, i bought a Mauser gew98 mod-1916 in 8mm; for $75. I'm making it my hunting rife. it was sporter-ized, the stock was painted black (ugh). here is a pic what it did look like. well i striped the paint off the stock, and stained it; making it look...
1-8 of 8 Results