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  1. General Shotgun Discussion
    i recently bought this 12rd mag for a shotgun, but for some reason, the rounds arent cycling and its a hit or miss wether it will chamber the first one. Do i have the wrong size ammo? Bad magazine?
  2. Hunting Forum
    I have a Thompson center venture 2 rifle, and everything about it got discontinued, is there any mags from other places that might work, it’s in 6.5 creedmoor, same mag size as the 308.
  3. Great Deals
    AK and AR Mags. Low prices. I tried these USGI style AR mags in steel before several times Perfectly serviceable and robust, (albeit heavier than the aluminum USGI mags)
  4. AR-15 Discussion
    I had a lot of fun during the "Black Friday" madness when it came to obtaining some upgraded triggers, magazines, etc. I think (famous last words...) that I'm pretty well set when it comes to 30 round magazines. I would, on the other hand, like to add some ten round magazines. As I've looked...
  5. Blog Forum
    So, I have heard great things about Tripp Research mags and kits and want to increase my magazine inventory, the issue is, I plan to buy some of the cheaper 1911 magazines and strip them to replace the springs and followers. My question is, is there anywhere I can just buy the tube/body of 1911...
  6. .22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion
    We need folks to email Ramline about those older model 30-round mags...Ramline - Contact Us & Black Dog Machine LLC for the 795/70P...Contact Black Dog Machine LLC & Mec-Gar industries for the 795/70P... [email protected] If you WANT high-cap mags, we gotta show these folks that we really WANT...
  7. General Handgun Discussion
    I just bought a Glock 23 and have been researching the Lone Wolf Glock 23 40 cal. to 9mm conversion barrels. I've seen really good reports on them and the website suggests using Glock 19 mags for the best function. The standard G19 mags are 10 rounders. I plan on getting one of these mags...
  8. Glock Forum
    Is it anyone's opinion that storing magazines partially full or completely full will wear out the spring over time? I would assume that Glock has addressed this and that many people keep their weapons loaded. Glock is first gun I have owned.
  9. Vendor Deals
    We are running an special Independence Weekend Sale starting today (July 2nd) While Supplies Last! We have discounted a few different types of popular AR-15 magazines for this weekend sale... 30 Round Aluminum C Products Magazines were $12 each and are now $10 each during the sale. 30 Round...
  10. Vendor Deals
    We just received another shipment of 30 Round Magpul windowless Pmags with black bodies. $14.75 each We have also just received a small shipment of 10 round C Products Aluminum magazines. These are great for bench shooting; so that you...
1-10 of 10 Results