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  1. Firearm Accessories & Gear
    So recently we got a Pallet from an Auction and found a bunch of these 9mm Luger Barrel parts. I'd like to keep a couple but maybe sell the rest? I dont need this many lol. Not sure how to go about that. A Local Gun Shop recommend I check online and see what people thought.
  2. Curio & Relic Discussion
    I recently picked up a 1918 Erfurt Luger and noticed 2 uniform, seemingly intentional notches carved on the edge of one wood grip. At first I thought nothing of it and figured the original owner must’ve dinged it on a sharp edge but upon closer inspection, the cuts are almost identical and look...
  3. Gun Shows
    The Non Profit Palm Beach Arms Collectors are putting on our Friendly Annual Vintage Gun, Knife, and Military Show. Admission is only $8, $7 with coupon. This is a Great Opportunity for you to have your Military Collectibles Appraised. There is Buying, Selling, Trading, with all laws...
1-3 of 3 Results