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  1. Legal and Activism
    Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, proposing a simple repeal of the whole of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (1986 amendments), to end it as a means of taxation via erasing it from the tax code. Very early days. It's only been proposed on the floor and...
  2. Legal and Activism
    California has now criminalized "advertising to minors," when it's related to guns. It's rather broadly defined. Which is tantamount to criminalizing outright advertisements aimed at youth, potentially even at the act of showing or training youths in the safe handling or operation of...
  3. Legal and Activism
    Legislation is being written to charge a 1000% tax on AR magazines over 10rd capacity. Well, if they can't seem to cough up an outright ban on standard-capacity magazines, then perhaps they'll be capable of charging extortionate fees upon manufacturers and importers of such...
1-3 of 3 Results