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  1. Optics & Mounts
    Hi all, have a fairly specific question, I recently brought a howa in 375 ruger and about to mount a scope, it has 30mm main tube and 42mm objective lens. I am planning on using Talley light weight alloy mounts (one piece ring/base) but can't find the info i need on what height to buy (I'm in...
  2. Range Report
    I only shot once so... Howa 30-06, 3 Inch Target, 300 Yards, Miss I am trying to get less sloppy so the next time I try 600 yards I'll hopefully be a little more focused. I am using that 3 inch target and only shooting once a day for awhile so i can dwell on what my mistakes are. I am also...
1-2 of 2 Results