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  1. Wanted
    If you've got one and are considering selling, I would like to learn more about your P30 and its condition. Ideally: H&K P30 9mm, V1 "light" LEM DAO, 3ea 15rd factory H&K magazines, night sights (TruDot) MPN# 81-000-104 UPC# 642-230-260-481 Would ultimately like 5+ of the magazines, so if...
  2. Gunsmithing Forum
    My brother Nate and I finally got to test out my C.I.A., Inc. Yugo M70ab2 AK that I had the H&K G3 sight system installed on. The sights are more accurate than the standard AK sights, and the rear diopter sight drum allows for different sights, for different distances. The gunsmith who added the...