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help appreciated

  1. Gunsmithing Forum
    So I'm planning on doing a set of custom bolt action rifles for me and my fiancee as a wedding present to us. She wants hers in 257 Roberts because it's her last name and it's a good all around cartridge, I'll will be doing mine in 7x57 Mauser (.275 Rigby). This is the first project of this...
  2. Taurus Forum
    I recently got a TCP I like the guns size great for my carry needs but I noticed it fails to feed so I took it apart but now I can't get the sear to rest on the hammer bar! Any tips or tricks to this? Or am I screwed?
  3. DIY Projects
    I recently got my dream gun for Christmas from my beautiful fiancé S&W M&P Shield 1.0 I know some people think it’s basic but even at 6’2 200Lbs a regular 9mm you can see in tight fitting clothes for instance my first Gun BiG as Heavy *** Hipoint 9mm. But on with it I had just moved to a bad...
  4. Gunsmithing Forum
    My cz 75b developed a double problem. It happens within the first 5 rounds. The fired case fails to extract and the new round hits the back of the fired round. I cleaned the gun changed the brand of ammo and used a different magazine. It still double feeds and I at my wits end. Any...