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  1. Shotgun and pistols

    Manufacturer: Military Armament Variants: MAC-11A1; MAC-11/9 Designer: Gordon Ingram Action: Straight Blowback In service: 1972–present Feed system: 16 or 32-round box magazine Barrel length: 129 mm +1(251) 265-3975
  2. Hunting Forum
    Thanks for interacting with me. Im a new member here, and good vibes is what I got for you all here. Thank You!
  3. Gun Shows
    Just ended yesterday. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. 43 vendors, relatively few firearms. Vendors selling ammunition did a huge business even with outlandishly high prices. Just like most of the "gunshows" I've attended lately, more and more non-firearms related stuff - everything from "CBD...
1-3 of 3 Results