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glock 21

  1. General Rifle Discussion
    Glock 19,21,49,blackouts ,etc
  2. General Handgun Discussion
    Which is your favorite Glock and why? Do you carry it daily? Or only shoot occasionally?
  3. Range Report
    I went to my local range today and did a little shooting with my new Glock 21 I put about 280 rounds through it. Here are a couple of targets. Note: most of them where shot so bad I didn't even take them home.
  4. General Handgun Discussion
    Hey, Guys A few weeks ago I posted on the revolver forum that I was gifted a .357 mag python. Well my Birthday was May 3 and I was at my local gun shop and I happened to pick up at Glock 21 (Full frame 45 Acp).