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  1. General Rifle Discussion
    Glock 19,21,49,blackouts ,etc
  2. General Handgun Discussion
    Which is your favorite Glock and why? Do you carry it daily? Or only shoot occasionally?
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    Hello all. I've been looking for a good training aid to practice in my garage and so far what i can see is that the CoolFire Trainer is the way to go but the price point not so much. Has anybody used this system what is your input on it? When is was at Shot Show 2020 I had the chance to stop by...
  4. General Handgun Discussion
    I just bought a Glock 23 and have been researching the Lone Wolf Glock 23 40 cal. to 9mm conversion barrels. I've seen really good reports on them and the website suggests using Glock 19 mags for the best function. The standard G19 mags are 10 rounders. I plan on getting one of these mags...
  5. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Glock has a reputation for being a safe, reliable and pervasive fire arm. I purchased a Glock Model 19 9 MM and discovered a characteristic that I found concerning. With in my first 100 rounds I had one jam and one failure to feed. I discussed this issue and was told by the dealer that the...
1-5 of 5 Results