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  1. Hunting Forum
    I bought some american gunner 6.5 creedmoor grain bthp rounds from , how do i check if its original, and is it good for deer?
  2. Hunting Forum
    I've always been very interested in hunting, but rarely had the opportunities until now that I'm an adult. Some of y'all may have seen me talking about it over on the semi-auto forum, big thanks to everyone cause I really appreciate all the advice and suggestions. I'm getting ready, probably...
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    I´ve got about an extra $300 so I´m thinking about picking up a .243 (or something like that) to go deer hunting with. Since I´m pretty much totally ignorant as far as guns go (the only guns I´ve even owned were a .22 and a 20 guage for squirrel hunting) I figured maybe someone could give me...
  4. Hunting Forum
    I was curious if anyone has insight on hunting with a mildot scope. 1) I know with mildot you can calculate distances and thus be able to compensate for your bullet drop but how practical is this in the field? 2) Would it be easier to just a get a BDC scope and use a range finder? 3)...
1-4 of 4 Results