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  1. General Rifle Discussion
    So I was recently cleaning my bushmaster QRC when I noticed this diver inside the chamber like metal had been dug out. Is this like a manufacturers stamp or is this damage from something? Should I be worried?
  2. Gunsmithing Forum
    Hello all, I am new to milsurp rifles and decided, in my usual fashion, to jump in over my head. I recently purchased a barreled action for an Ishapore 2A1. It's essentially an Enfield No1 Mk3* chambered in 7.62x51, with a few minor differences (different butt socket design, different sights...
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    Guys, I took my AR and HK 93 clones out of the safe, and saw what appears to be the preliminary effects of oxidation in the barrel and flash hider. This was the first time that I've seen this on any of my rifles. After shooting them, I always clean them with the regular cleaning solvents...
1-3 of 3 Results