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  1. General Handgun Discussion
    OK, before everybody gets the heebie-jeepies. Imagine a situation that this is the only way, to 3D print and/or mold a lower that will fit easily available higher capacity Glock 21 mags. No machine-shop or online ordering available, the barrel is the registered licensed item. To get a new...
  2. 1911 Forum
    I have been reading a lot of folks write about building themselves quality 1911 pistols from match grade parts. I would love to do the same. Can anyone suggest some quality vendors of match grade 1911 parts, as well as any good advice for some wanting to spend good money on a DIY pistol. I...
  3. 1911 Forum
    I was wondering if anyone out there owns or has fired a Mile High Armory pistol. I'm not wanting to start a big war over custom pistols, just wanted to here some feedback on trigger pull and accuracy. JH
1-3 of 3 Results