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  1. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    Hi I want to apply for an LTCF in PA and I was wondering what are some ways to get references. It says that family cannot be considered but what is the definition of family? Meaning up to what degree/level is the family connection applicable? What if the person is like a very far away...
  2. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    lets look at this in practical, and realistic manner. what type of pistol to carry? well, that is a very subjective question, and will be based upon the individual, and their own unique factors as to what is the best choice in pistols for carry purposes. so, i'm not even going to focus on...
  3. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    interesting article i found this morning on one of my news feeds. some differing viewpoints and interesting information in the article. i'll let you draw your own conclusions after reading it.
  4. New Member Introductions
    I stumbled across this forum and decided to join as there's a lot that I might learn about my "new" hobby, shooting. Yeah, I know I'm pretty old to start a new hobby, but it is what it is. When I was in high school I belonged to an Explorer Post whose specialty was competition shooting. We...
  5. Legal and Activism
    this subject comes up a lot, especially when discussing the right to carry, the 2nd Amendment, and whether the right to carry trumps the rights or wishes of a property owner. some also confuse the distinction between private property and public property, with some thinking that just because a...
  6. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    It is a youtube video about a news story on concealed carry. YouTube - Montana's concealed carry law best in the Nation!
1-6 of 6 Results