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  1. Revolver Handguns
    My husband just uploaded an animation showing how a 2020 Colt Python works! I thought y’all might enjoy :)
  2. Revolver Handguns
    New to this forum & proud 2A, CWP holder here. I inherited this Colt from my father many years ago, and am now in the process of tracking down which family member may have owned it. At any rate, I've looked at a some posts and note that I should make sure serial numbers match (I'm pretty...
  3. 1911 Forum
    What 1911 would you get? A Colt or Dan Wesson? I’ve heard Colts quality has slipped a little. What say you?
  4. Blog Forum
    I inherited my grandmother's 1903 colt hammerless 32 caliber pistol and am wondering if I can use the Remington UMC centerfire 32 cartridges my husband bought me. Do I have to use only apc rounds? The Remingtons are centerfire fmj. I've been searching the internet on this and it may just be...
  5. Gun Shows
    The Non Profit Palm Beach Arms Collectors are putting on our Friendly Annual Vintage Gun, Knife, and Military Show. Admission is only $8, $7 with coupon. This is a Great Opportunity for you to have your Military Collectibles Appraised. There is Buying, Selling, Trading, with all laws...
  6. AR-15 Discussion
    This might be an age-old debate put to rest many times, but I'd like all of your humble opinions. I'm looking for a civvie rendition of an M4 carbine that is solid, shoots well, and has decent prices on ammo. I know that RRA, Colt, and Bushmaster all make their own M4's. I've researched a bit...
  7. Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
    Hello all, I am new to this site. I am having a hard time finding information about the Colt Pony. It is a .380 carry pistol but there are so many differing opinions about it I do not know what to think. Also, I am trying to figure out whether or not there is is a difference in materials. Is the...
  8. Revolver Handguns
    I've been looking at all types of firearms for my second purchase. I want to get a classic six shooter for my next pistol since I believe them to be a whole lot of fun to shoot and own. Now, I know a little about revolvers, and I know that the 1873 Single Action Colt Army helped form the great...
1-8 of 8 Results