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  1. AR-15 Discussion
    When taking my gun apart to clean it do I have to Aline my gas rings on my extractor or it doesn’t matter? if so where am I supposed to Aline them?
  2. Ammunition & Reloading
    Has anyone used the IOSSO brass cleaning product, for cleaning the crud out of de-primed fired brass cases? Just picked up a bottle of the stuff. Looks fairly simple to use, and the solution's supposed to be re-usable for a couple thousand rounds' worth. (Came with a 32oz bottle of IOSSO, a...
  3. Ammunition & Reloading
    Wondering what steps you perform on brand new dies, before use, along with periodic cleaning. Got a regimen you do? Cleaning off the rust-preventive coating and wiping down the die, before install into the press. Lubrication of any sort, on the threads. Cleaning once a year (or longer...
  4. Cleaning and Maintenance
    Looking for recommendations for a decent bore guide that people actually have experience with. Have a new barrel being installed and want to do bore cleaning while keeping crud out of the action and trigger areas. Rifle: Savage 12 LRP, 6.5mm Creedmoor
  5. Ammunition & Reloading
    For you long-time reloaders, I'm wondering what everybody's views are on the most-effective and safest brass case cleaning methods. What's your favorite, for effective cleaning while still being safe for the brass (ie, necks)? Why? Currently, doing wet tumbling with stainless pins and a bit...
  6. General Rifle Discussion
    Question: What explains a heavier bolt lift, for the first five to eight shots (give or take), following cleaning the barrel? Looking for suggestions on what could be causing this. Bolt lift will be terribly heavy, following cleaning, but then it'll clear up and go back to the normal...
  7. NFA/Class 3 & FFL Discussion
    Hello everybody. I have an aac sdn-6 that cant be taken apart for cleaning. What is the best way to go about this?
1-7 of 7 Results