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  1. Legal and Activism
    California has now criminalized "advertising to minors," when it's related to guns. It's rather broadly defined. Which is tantamount to criminalizing outright advertisements aimed at youth, potentially even at the act of showing or training youths in the safe handling or operation of...
  2. Legal and Activism
    Federal judge in San Diego overturns California’s three-decade ban on assault weapons @ KTLA News, 6/4/21. Short version: apparently pigs do fly ... ban overturned permanently; 30-day 'stay' to allow the CA A.G. time to mount an appeal. Of course, the 'haters' will be out in droves, after...
  3. California Gun Forum
    Hello! I am active duty military and I am getting stationed in CA in 3 months. I am bringing my reloading equipment but I cannot find if there are any law/rules on bringing powder and primers into California from another state. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  4. Firearm Accessories & Gear
    for me, its the owner, John Collins, sent me a defective pmag, refused to accept it, made me pay $10 for shipping, finally admits its defective. I ask for an upgrade to the 25 rd mag from the 20, which is less than $10, says no, tells me to buy another one from him...
1-4 of 5 Results