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  1. General Rifle Discussion
    I'm looking at getting a Savage Axis II XP (cheap and reliable), but I'm not sure which caliber to get. I want a round that's low-cost but has good long-distance performance, and I'm not trying to take down anything bigger than a deer. Rifle suggestions are appreciated as well, but be aware...
  2. General Rifle Discussion
    Fairly new to the AR-15 platform. I have built two standard 16" rifles, both chambered in .223 wylde. I decided to build a new rifle but wanted to change the caliber. A buddy of mine gave me a fail zero 224 valk BCG (unused), but I wanted to build the rifle and chamber it in 6mm ARC. So, my...
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    I'm trying to make a choice on my next rifle, I've come up with a few hard specifics on what I want but I am still not sure on a couple of the others i dont know much on. I'd appreciate a little help deciding. Has to be under $2,000 It must NOT be a bolt action. I dont care how it cycles as...
1-3 of 4 Results