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  1. AR-15 Discussion
    So I’ve been trying to zero in my Eotech EXPS3-4 with G-33 3x magnifier on my Bushmaster XM-15, just when I think I’ve got it dead to rights at 50yds it starts shooting 2-3 inches left or right with no intervention whatsoever, completely repeatable too. I mean it’s still deadly accurate, I’m...
  2. General Rifle Discussion
    So I was recently cleaning my bushmaster QRC when I noticed this diver inside the chamber like metal had been dug out. Is this like a manufacturers stamp or is this damage from something? Should I be worried?
  3. AR-15 Discussion
    This might be an age-old debate put to rest many times, but I'd like all of your humble opinions. I'm looking for a civvie rendition of an M4 carbine that is solid, shoots well, and has decent prices on ammo. I know that RRA, Colt, and Bushmaster all make their own M4's. I've researched a bit...
1-3 of 3 Results