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  1. Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion
    I was looking to buy an AK-47, but ever since Obama said the words "gun control" I've seen the prices on those rifles double to around $600 on average. I know that Izhmash makes the civilian version of the Kalashnikov called the Saiga (not to be confused with the Saiga 12 shotgun). I've seen...
  2. Gunsmithing Forum
    My brother Nate and I finally got to test out my C.I.A., Inc. Yugo M70ab2 AK that I had the H&K G3 sight system installed on. The sights are more accurate than the standard AK sights, and the rear diopter sight drum allows for different sights, for different distances. The gunsmith who added the...
  3. AK & SKS Discussion
    I'd been waiting for quite some time to buy this rifle. Ever since I first fired my WASR-3, I loved the look and feel of an AK in 5.56 NATO. There's just something cool about it. The WASR-3 turned out to be junk, so I traded it in a while back. Just this Saturday I picked up a couple of Arsenal...
  4. AK & SKS Discussion
    I recently received a MAK-90 that my father-in-law has had locked up for 15 years or so. This is what the stock-end of my AK looks like: Sorry its small. What are my options for stocks on this gun? I want a side folding stock, not a wooden ironwood stock. Help me out guys! Thanks
1-4 of 5 Results